This app is for you if:

. You are represented by an agency or agent using cDs’ systems and/or website.
. You have an Instagram account (actually an Instagram Professional Account linked to a Facebook Page but we will cover that later…).

This app enables you to share your Instagram data such as number of followers and last posts with your agency/agent allowing them to use those data via cDs systems.

You are aware of the importance of social media for your promotion. By authorizing your agency or agent access to your data, you are granting your representative an extra tool to better negotiate your bookings or further promote you via the agency website.

Your Instagram data is yours and the « cDs Social Media » app allows you to keep full control over them.

As specified in our Privacy Policy, cDs will not use your data for any other purpose than channeling your social media information to your agency.

Ready? Let’s get you started!

First, you need an Instagram professional Account linked to a Facebook page:

Next, please create your "cDs Social Media" account and follow the instructions: SIGN UP

Note: If/when you want to remove your authorization, just click the "Disconnect" Facebook button within your account (you will be able to access it when once you have completed your initial authorization).

If you have any question please contact us at